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Congratulations! You have a successful product selling to users in your home country. Great, now it is time to expand to Germany. Where do you start and how do you do it right? Take 3 easy steps with Multichannel-Germany.


This is the very first step, it is a lot like preparation for a scientific expedition: imagine that you are planning to explore a distant, unknown land. You see, the start of any business has similarities with stepping into the unknown and especially in unfamiliar markets. You have to check every detail and, most importantly, answer the question: is it worth it to expand to this area?
The goal of the “Start Consulting” step is to find out if conditions are right for you to sell in Germany and raise your sales in the German market. Otherwise you won’t know what you’re getting into! But, as your sales rep, Multichannel-Germany will not allow this to happen.
At this stage, you will get the following information:

  • social profile and reliable forecast of demand for your product;
  • preliminary estimate of costs and margin formula calculation;
  • competition in your product niche;
  • how to adapt your USP to German market standards;
  • where and how to find partners and platforms for e-commerce.
  • how the law may interfere with, or help, your business.

Upon completion of the consulting, you will be able to decide: “I'm not going to sell in Germany” or “Yes, I will go to the German market”.


If “Yes, I will proceed” is your answer, we set off to establish your ecommerce in Germany. We prepare your online-sales in Germany, from A to Z, to conform to legal guidelines. In some ways, this is similar to an athlete warming up before a competition. You cannot win if your muscles, breathing and blood circulation are not prepared and trained. Given that the German market is very specific, being fully prepared is essential.
Germany is one of the most important markets in the world with a high income per capita and a secure economy. Due to the high culture of e-commerce, for example Amazon, the German customer is accustomed to very fast shipping, excellent and local customer care service, and high-quality products. Naturally, this will require you to offer great attention to customers and commitment to post-sales service.
That’s why opening all of your accounts and establishing business rules - which ensures uninterrupted operation - of your sales process in Germany is the goal of online sales setup.
Below is the set of tools you will get:

  • EBay and Amazon managed accounts;
  • effective online-shop with content management system;
  • multichannel back-office software for prompt service of your transactions;
  • adaptation of advertising and other marketing measures to the habits and expectations of German consumers as well as SEO based on the analysis of local Internet search queries;
  • tested workflow models and rules;
  • customer care plan including RMA workflow;
  • German bank account;
  • tax number and, if necessary, value added tax;
  • professional tax accountant;
  • repricing, if necessary, and other pricing strategies;
  • interfaces for interaction between customer care and shipping / warehouse;
  • synchronization of the Multichannel-Germany software and your warehouse software;
  • optimal shipping and logistic workflow models.

Get it all in hand and you will be ready to launch your online-sales in Germany. You are now one step away from meeting your German customers and accommodating yourself to successful ecommerce and customer care in Germany.
And there’s more we can help with! How so? Read on.


Of course you own all e-commerce tools and have 100% access to all accounts and workflow of your company in Germany. But in the everyday business, we manage the most complex tasks. For example, we will handle live chats with customers as part of our pledge. In fact, you will never have to physically be here and now.
As a partner of Multichannel-Germany you will have access to the sales office, which has proven experience in the management of most business processes in e-commerce in Germany. We are ready, 24/7, to take any operational tasks to save your team from overload and failure to support your sales and customer care in Germany.
Here are a few procedures in which we specialize:

  • content-management and translations of description about your product;
  • adding new products to the online-shop, Amazon, eBay and other ways of content management.
  • local customer care by native speakers and high-quality RMA handling;
  • proactive handling of negative ratings on Amazon and eBay;
  • ongoing marketing and online-sales promotional actions;
  • ongoing profit calculation and financial reporting;
  • order handling before shipping;
  • online-marketing with Google Adwords using features like Dynamic Keyword Insertion;
  • web-analytics for online-shop / Amazon: close monitoring of search funnels and exit pages.

As you can see, you will not be alone. After careful preparation of your business in Germany, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive service of all e-commerce processes, maintaining the effectiveness of your online-sales multichannel integration.

Please, contact us or get advice to receive a specific offer for your customized needs.
You can also explore FAQ to learn details and pitfalls of the e-commerce in Germany.

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