Frequently Asked Questions

I plan to bring my products to the German market. Where should I start?

Please contact us to discuss the details of your business. Or get specific advice from our experts by using this form.

Is it complicated to sell in Germany?

No more complex than in other countries. But in order to do it successfully and with less risk, you have to possess in-depth knowledge of the legal framework, terms and conditions of selling in Germany. as well as understand the way German buyers think. Multichannel-Germany, as a sales and marketing agency, has the experience necessary to make such knowledge a practical tool for your e-commerce in Germany.

How long is the “Start Consulting” phase?

It depends on the customer and the pace of our cooperation since our first. We have to research the market, agree on the conditions of further partnership, reconcile our contract, etc. If all of this happens quickly, “Start Consulting” should take 2-4 weeks.

How much is “Start Consulting” and what determines the price?

The Cost to “Start Consulting” is included in the general commission fees.

How long is the “Setup” phase?

It depends on the complexity of the multi-channel retail strategy of our client. It usually takes about 2 weeks, up to 2 months. There are situations when this timing may be exceeded.

How much does “Setup” cost and what determines the price?

We charge a small fee of 200 euro for the setup, which is then subtracted from the commission of your first sale. So, this amount is returned to you. And all“3rd party fees”; for example, 40 Euro Amazon monthly fees for the account will be charged directly to you.

What guarantees do you give that after “Setup,” I get 100% access to my ecommerce?

From the beginning of our collaboration you are the owner of all the accounts. Of course, we also have access to your account to manage them on behalf of your business, but at any time, you can change them.

If I'm ready to buy Multichannel-Germany services, what contract will we sign?

There will be a cooperation contract in which all terms of our partnership are named. Moreover, each term of the contract is the subject of discussion and compromise bilateral.

Do you help close the business in Germany in the event of failure?

Yes, of course we help in the unlikely event that you decide to close your online sales channels in Germany. We help close all your accounts and summarize the financial results of your online sales in Germany. However, Germany is a comfortable environment for the conduct of business and it is unlikely that you will close your business.

Do you help in situations of trials with customers or tax authorities in Germany?

Advocacy is beyond our control. But in the case our clients initially arouse litigation we help find a skilled lawyer. Note that one of the goals of Multichannel-Germany is to configure the e-business of our client so that he does not get into conflicts with his customers or local authorities.

How much do your services cost?

Our pricing policy is based on the commission of your actual sales in Germany. This means that we earn money only when you earn money. The amount of commission depends on various parameters: the type of product, your customer, the projected load on our team, complexity of multi-channel retail strategy, etc. Please contact us directly for more details.

What other costs should I expect?

Multichannel-Germany´s services are paid completely by the commission. But selling in the German market requires you to carry out some other expenses; such as, VAT, tax accountant compensation, setup fees and/or monthly fees for payment providers and market placing and marketing costs (for example, Google Adwords). These costs are not included in our commission. But, thanks to us, you will always have a clear, proven budget and we will always to optimize it for you.

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